About this blog

I will document my daily reflections at work, my training, my travel, and other daily happenings on this blog. In other words, it’s a Professional Attachment Journal, a Wiki, a Travel Log, a Training Log, a “Dear Diary” all rolled into one.

I set up this blog for several reasons.

To my family & friends: as long as there’s still blog updates, I’m still sane, safe, and sound.

To my course mates: I’ll share what I can about my work & what I’ve learned. And maybe you’re an expert in some platforms (e.g. .NET framework), so please please please help me by sharing your knowledge if possible.

To my biathlon captains & team mates: SUniG will be in September and I will need the discipline to train for it, so if you see I’m not logging in enough training, please chastise me on this blog. I will bring a stretch tube (strength training) and a skipping rope (aerobic training). To top it up, statics and stairs climbing, gym if possbile.

Of course, I’m assuming for the worse case since I’ll be in city area most of the time. But still, nothing beats a good long run.

Hope this blog wouldn’t get too boring; I’ll try to keep it organised, interesting, short & sweet, and with more pictures and not more words.

Please feel free to comment on my posts. Looking forward to receive your valuable comments and suggestions 🙂


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