Internship 2010


I will not reveal the name of my internship company. This is to allow me to share everything good & bad about the company freely.

All I can say is that this company is a textile outsourcing company: brand names that would like to leverage on the low manufacturing costs of countries like Indonesia, Bangladesh, China etc, will seek this company. Communication between the company and its clients is crucial; clients must be informed of the progress of their goods, especially if there are delays. Their current system (built upon Lotus Notes) are unable to satisfy this business requirement.

My job as an intern, is to conduct a requirements study on their critical paths in their supply chain. End of this internship, I must produce a requirements document to allow the development team to implement the system.

My Travel

This internship requires me to travel, which is a happy thing for me actually since I got so little chance to travel.

So here’s my itinerary:

Jakarta: 4 weeks [17 May – 11 June]


Dhaka: 2 weeks [TBC]

HongKong: 1 week [TBC]

Shanghai: a few days [TBC]


What I Hope to Achieve

Work: First thing, is definitely to do a good job!!! (and try to secure my official internship in the next academic year)

Experience: Compared to my peers, I’m really an inexperienced greenhorn. I hope that through this internship, I will be able to gain some relevant IT-related work experience.

Explore: The job scope is more akin to analyst/consultant kind of job, so I’m exploring some career options here.

Play: Work will always come first, but wouldn’t it be a waste if I get to travel out of tiny Singapore, yet not go and explore/travel around a little?  Yes, but first, I got to get rid of my tendency to procrastinate…

Fun: yeah, and to really have fun and enjoy the whole process…



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  1. Wow, this sounds really exciting! OH ZHI JIE fa cai liao!


    • you are indeed sPAM-ELA

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