a great weekend =)

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A great weekend it has been.

Great workout on Saturday with my colleague Sumi, a steady long run (~40 minutes @ slower-than-10k pace) on Sunday…finally found out where everyone got their oversized cycling jerseys and tights, from the streets on Sunday morning. Funny that the sizes available are only from ‘L’ onwards, wonder how much air resistance that will be.

I don’t know how to best describe the roads on Sunday morning, hopefully the pictures could explain it all:

Visited Kota Tua in the afternoon, went into Fatahillah Museum (read another review here: http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g294229-d379328-r29465093-Fatahillah_Square_Taman_Fatahillah-Jakarta_Java.html#REVIEWS) to get an understanding of the old town. I would recommend just going in to have a look even if you are not a history buff, it’s probably the quickest way to understand the history of the area. Thanks to my colleague’s friend Melly, who became my tour guide of the day.

Wanted to explore the old town a little further, but it was too crowded… so it was lunch @ Café Batavia.

Rated online as “must-visit”, price range was indeed a little steep on local standards, but it’s a “once in a lifetime” experience, so why not…

Salmon sandwich with Avocado

Food was decent, not exactly fantastic, but the atmosphere is what defines the restaurant… a good place to visit if you have the chance.

Photos are not exactly allowed to be taken, so check out the funky toilet:

There’s live music as well, heard this singer speaking fluent English, Mandarin, Japanese… no idea how many more languages he knows

Melly being the true-blue foodie then brought me to Seneyan City for more food, at the same time, immerse in the mall culture of Jakartans.

A happy and fruitful weekend!!!


Having completed my tasks in Jakarta, I can’t really do anything productive related to the internship.
I have sent my findings to the development team in Singapore (bypassing my Singapore boss totally), waiting for them to get back to me on what other information they require for development.

Treated my colleagues to a lunch of hoka bento, everyone was happy, so am I…

Dinner was pasta, pancakes, and waffles with Sumi & Melly… stuffed full after that.

Looking forward to home-sweet-home Singapore


Raining in Jakarta

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First thing at work, my partner reminded me that this Friday is Vesak Day, so I got to submit my weekly report tomorrow… so stayed in office to try to get more done before coming back to the hotel and getting voluntarily distracted by Discovery Channel.

And sky juice began pouring, and it was quite heavy…

Just when I stepped out of office building, there’s a bunch of enterprising umbrella boys offering to ferry you with their umbrellas.

When I asked them for the price of their service, they said it was totally up to me… surprised and impressed I must say.

And I think that boy is lucky to have met me as the smallest denomination in my wallet is 10,000 Rupiah (1.52 SGD), the market rate is probably 5,000 Rupiah… at least he could get a decent meal in one customer… a meal at foodcourt would cost around 20,000 Rupiah (without the popular teh botol), and a hearty meal along the streets could cost between 5000 – 10,000 Rupiah, together with the popular teh botol… and yes, I’m having teh botol for almost every meal…haha

The entrance to my hotel is flooded... the closest I came to swimming in Jakarta

The umbrella boy who earned my 10,000 Rp

it’s Thursday… and i’m tired

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Wanted to produce something solid today, so rushed something out yesterday and reported to the bosses.

So yes i did it, as expected, my Singapore boss, the SAP consultant tried to help me by changing my format a little, when my partner opened it, he asked me what was the difference from the original copy which i’ve sent him also.

“Oh, just a little” I said… “haha, it’s really a little” he remarked.

Thanks boss… and thanks to him who wants me to send a report every Friday before lunch time, I’ve got to immediately revise what i have done yesterday…. sian, another night which I got to keep myself awake.

Walked for 15 minutes to a Mega-mall, which is already the nearest to my office.

Really think that Jakarta streets are safe as every office buildings and every hotels are guarded by security guards, narrow streets are marshaled by street stall owners, selling things from food, to cigarettes, phone cards etc. If you’re a smoker, you’ll love it here in Jakarta, you can smoke just about anywhere.

Finally did some decent skipping and stretch cords…

Finally, really splurge my allowance given to me on Monday, here’s the breakdown of my spending:

  • Lunch (at a food court further away from my office):
    • Avocado (with chocolate): 11,000 Rp
    • Rice + Bee Hoon: 6,500 Rp
    • Chicken wing: 6,000 Rp
  • Dinner (at my hotel’s restaurant):
    • Fried Rice (which is exactly the same salty sh*t for breakfast): 20,000 Rp
    • Coca Cola (200ml bottle): 5,909 Rp
    • Tax (10%): 2,591 Rp
    • Cafe Latte (short): 20,000 Rp
    • Tax (10%): 2,000 Rp
    • and some money missing, I assume the restaurant cashier took as tips, he spoke Bahasa so fast that I can’t really catch how much I was supposed to pay… just that I can order my dinner in Bahasa doesn’t mean I can speak well.
  • Misc (at a convenience store i pass by every day to & from work):
    • Indo-Mee (3 packets): 3 * 1,500 Rp
    • Green tea (25 packets):  10,000 Rp
    • Instant black coffee (5 packets): 5,500 Rp

*1 SGD = 6,500 Rp

Conclusion: it’s really cheap here at Jakarta, people who visits Batam or Bali are really ripped off…

Ok, time to start work!!! Damn it, I’m still tired after the latte.

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