The Old System: Lotus Notes email server with applications built on top of it

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6 May 2010, Thursday

Went over to the company that developed the first version of the system for  the textile company.

It is a very old system built upon Lotus Notes. Basically they develop some simple applications to handle the documents generated from Sales, Purchasing, and Accounting.

Advantage of the system: it is a sequential way of doing things, ensuring that their work process flow is being followed (compare to relational database system).

Requirements that I gathered so far from the bosses of the textile company:

  1. They face a problem of “decentralised accounting” with “heavy manual workload”
  2. They would like a tracking system, to alert customers of any possible delays in their supply chain
  3. They do not want to implement SAP (which would be an easy way out for me, I think)
  4. They are looking at .NET platforms (come the era of web-based apps???)
  5. They are not really sure what they want


Using email servers (e.g. Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange) and developing applications on top of it, awkward as it may seem, is practiced by many businesses. I think it’s due to the ease of implementation.


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