Raining in Jakarta

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First thing at work, my partner reminded me that this Friday is Vesak Day, so I got to submit my weekly report tomorrow… so stayed in office to try to get more done before coming back to the hotel and getting voluntarily distracted by Discovery Channel.

And sky juice began pouring, and it was quite heavy…

Just when I stepped out of office building, there’s a bunch of enterprising umbrella boys offering to ferry you with their umbrellas.

When I asked them for the price of their service, they said it was totally up to me… surprised and impressed I must say.

And I think that boy is lucky to have met me as the smallest denomination in my wallet is 10,000 Rupiah (1.52 SGD), the market rate is probably 5,000 Rupiah… at least he could get a decent meal in one customer… a meal at foodcourt would cost around 20,000 Rupiah (without the popular teh botol), and a hearty meal along the streets could cost between 5000 – 10,000 Rupiah, together with the popular teh botol… and yes, I’m having teh botol for almost every meal…haha

The entrance to my hotel is flooded... the closest I came to swimming in Jakarta

The umbrella boy who earned my 10,000 Rp


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