Active Sunday

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So my boss was right…the Jakarta roads were indeed closed on Sundays for people to run, skate, and cycle. You see people with all sorts of bikes: mountain bikes, foldable bikes, gentleman bikes, road bikes, time-trial bikes, and even one guy wearing a clown hat on top of a very tall bike… Then there are the skaters, most impressed by the train of speed skaters… And there were the runners, the national running attire seems to be a windbreaker + trackpants, some very conservative and obviously hot attire in this sunny Islamic country… there’s a bunch of boys probably school runners wearing the more familiar singlet and running shorts… for me, I guess my cotton t-shirt and soccer shorts should do the trick… Started the run and went into my 10-k pace, but obviously I’m not as fit as before… about 15 minutes into the run and i got to stop, and 1 felt giddy for not having eaten anything in the morning, walked back to hotel…same old breakfast Photos of the amazing sight next week, when i saw that the roads were closed this morning to motor vehicles, I didn’t wanted to waste time to head back to my room to retrieve the camera… i immediately started my run


lazy sunday…

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My colleague just knocked on my door and asked if I would like to visit a mall in West Jakarta (I’m in South Jakarta), hearing that it’s a mall, I immediately rejected… now kind of regret it as I could have a chance to see the night scene of Jakarta… shall go apologise to my colleague tomorrow

Ok… will be a YES-MAN from now on, saying YES to every opportunity to explore the country.

Finally did some decent running in the early evening… after a heavy rain, and today being a Sunday, there was little traffic outside, air was fresh, real good for some outdoors, even if it’s just around the perimeter of the hotel 😦

Funny thing was that when I came back from the run, I saw the hotel staff cleaning my room, even when it’s way past the room service time, and I put the DO NOT DISTURB sign when I was in the room the whole day, and my room don’t need cleaning; toilet was dry, only one towel was used… Good service? or just unnecessary?

Now getting some work done and looking at IAAF Diamond League on TV, admiring the perfect running form these track athletes have.

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