it’s Thursday… and i’m tired

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Wanted to produce something solid today, so rushed something out yesterday and reported to the bosses.

So yes i did it, as expected, my Singapore boss, the SAP consultant tried to help me by changing my format a little, when my partner opened it, he asked me what was the difference from the original copy which i’ve sent him also.

“Oh, just a little” I said… “haha, it’s really a little” he remarked.

Thanks boss… and thanks to him who wants me to send a report every Friday before lunch time, I’ve got to immediately revise what i have done yesterday…. sian, another night which I got to keep myself awake.

Walked for 15 minutes to a Mega-mall, which is already the nearest to my office.

Really think that Jakarta streets are safe as every office buildings and every hotels are guarded by security guards, narrow streets are marshaled by street stall owners, selling things from food, to cigarettes, phone cards etc. If you’re a smoker, you’ll love it here in Jakarta, you can smoke just about anywhere.

Finally did some decent skipping and stretch cords…

Finally, really splurge my allowance given to me on Monday, here’s the breakdown of my spending:

  • Lunch (at a food court further away from my office):
    • Avocado (with chocolate): 11,000 Rp
    • Rice + Bee Hoon: 6,500 Rp
    • Chicken wing: 6,000 Rp
  • Dinner (at my hotel’s restaurant):
    • Fried Rice (which is exactly the same salty sh*t for breakfast): 20,000 Rp
    • Coca Cola (200ml bottle): 5,909 Rp
    • Tax (10%): 2,591 Rp
    • Cafe Latte (short): 20,000 Rp
    • Tax (10%): 2,000 Rp
    • and some money missing, I assume the restaurant cashier took as tips, he spoke Bahasa so fast that I can’t really catch how much I was supposed to pay… just that I can order my dinner in Bahasa doesn’t mean I can speak well.
  • Misc (at a convenience store i pass by every day to & from work):
    • Indo-Mee (3 packets): 3 * 1,500 Rp
    • Green tea (25 packets):  10,000 Rp
    • Instant black coffee (5 packets): 5,500 Rp

*1 SGD = 6,500 Rp

Conclusion: it’s really cheap here at Jakarta, people who visits Batam or Bali are really ripped off…

Ok, time to start work!!! Damn it, I’m still tired after the latte.


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